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Majestic Warrrior: Digital Marketing Agency Helping You With Your Online Presence!

Majestic Warrior is a digital marketing company based in Phoenix, Az providing: Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Marketing & Management, Local Maps Optimization & Lead Generation. We help businesses get chosen over their competition every single day. Our team uses cutting edge proven & innovative techniques in order to help your business stay ahead of your competition. We use some of the best practices to help your company build and establish an online brand. We can help you from start to finish. Since we are a full service marketing agency, we can help yo ufrom start to finish.


Some of the benefits you will receive working with Majestic Warrior are:

  • Improve Web Visibility
  • Brand Recognition
  • Increase of Leads
  • Become An Industry Leader
  • Lasting Results
  • Lead Generation
  • Multiple Key Phrase Rankings
  • Social Media Marketing Presence
  • ROI from our Performance Based Marketing

Affordable Website Design by MajesticWarrior

You will find that we are the right choice for your next website project. If you are looking for a custom website design, template design, landing page or even a micro site, we can tailor a design to your target market and niche. Web design is not just about creating a visually appealing website that looks nice, but it needs to effectively represent your company and your message. When we design or a re-design a website, we put an emphasis on your brand and services you are providing. Your brand and unique selling proposition is what helps your company stand out among your competitors. This also helps you convert more visitors into customers with a clear and proper call to action. All of our websites are built with conversions in mind and are built in a responsive format. Responsive web design helps you with your online rankings and reach potential new customers no matter what electronic device they are using. Mobile desvice search is now more searches than desktop and laptop devices. Learn more about our website design process and projects by visiting these web design resources:


SEO - Search Engine Optimization Experts - Majestic Warrior

We have over 6 years experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of both local business websites and national websites. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website more visible by building an online presence in regards to the search engines. There are 3 main components that affect your online presence and website ranking. On page optimization, off page optimization and social presence. These are the 3 core website ranking factors that can help or hinder your website. A recent post on Search Engine Journal highlighted that 75% of users never scroll past the first page. This means if your customer searched for a service or product that you offer, but you are not optimizing for, you will not get chosen over your competition and you are missing out on potential traffic. We take the building blocks of SEO and through testing and research have developed a systematic approach to help you with your online marketing goals. 


Our Systematic Approach:

  • We Analyze Your Current Website
    • We look at your websites strengths
    • We look at your websites weaknesses
    • We look at where your backlinks have been coming from
    • We analyze your backlink profile
  • We Establish a Content Marketing Plan/Strategy
  • Next We Set Up a Branded Network - Majestic Warrior's Shield Wall SEO
  • We Get a Press Release Written and Distributed
  • We Start Posting to Your Blog Regularly
  • Social Media Marketing - Posts and Updates
  • Then We Start Your Off Page Optimiazation
  • We Target Your Most Profitable Keyword Phrases and Pages
  • Build High Quality Directory Profiles and Citation Profiles
  • Link Earning Through Good Content Syndication
  • Advanced Link Building
  • Guest Posts
  • Performnce Tracking
    • Google Analytics
    • Webmster Tools
    • Keyword Phrase Tracking

Depending on if you are a local business or looking to have a national presence and your budget, the process will vary a little. We need to know where your online marketing has been in order to move your business forward.


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