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Why Post A Business Profile On Our Site?

We are here to give businesses of all sizes a Web presence. With a Business Profile you now have a place to send your customers to find out more about your business and the products and services you have to offer. Best of all, it's FREE!

Our site offers you the ability to create a custom Profile that will share your products and services just the way you want. You can add a business description, pictures, graphics, links, keywords, and more. With the simple to use editor you can style your profile just the way you want.

If you have products to sell we offer an online store. It is the most cost effective way to sell your products online. 

Get Started Now

Business Profiles
Your Manttus Business Profile and Web Address are completely FREE!

From the Main Menu go to Add your Business

When you fill out your free business profile include a business description, contact information, location, images, coupons, event calendar, etc.

When you get to the Web Address Field put the name of your business with no spaces. An example of your web address name  would be "yourbusinessname" . The full address that you would put on your documentation will look like

You can then add your new address to all your literature so that clients may easly find you, and the products and services that you offer.

 Help Setting Up Your Profile
Selling Your Products Online with Your Online Store also offers you the ability to sell your products online. It is inexpensive and you can even link your online store to your exsisting website.

The way it works is very simple. Once you create a Manttus Business Profile you can setup your online store.

Select Manage My Online Store at the top of the profile edit page and select the number of displays that you would like. Each display may hold one item or a group of items that are selling for one price. You may switch different items in and out of the display anytime at no additional charge. The cost of buying a Manttus Store which can hold up to 50 items is $14.99 per month. We also offer Manttus Plus for businesses wanting to sell more than 50 products for 39.99 per month.  With your Manttus Plus Online Store you can sell up to 20,000 different products. Prices include domain and hosting.

As your business grows your online store has the ability to grow with you. does not take any % from the sale of your products.

Create your Online Store Up to 50 Products

1.Selecting number of items for store.

Select Manage My Online Store at the top of the profile Editing page. Choose DO-1.  Follow directions to pay for those items.  Upon receipt of payment the team will activate your store and notify you by email so that you may start adding items.  Expect 3-5 days for verification and activation.

2. Linking Online Store to Merchant PayPal Account to receive online payments.

If you do not have a PayPal Merchant Account you will need to set up one before your online store will be able to process automated credit card transactions.  If you already have a PayPal Merchant Account enter the email associated with it in the field on the Set/Update PayPal Integration page in the Manage My Online Store section.

For instruction on how to set up a merchant account or if you have questions please consult PayPal Merchant Services by clicking here.

Create your Manttus Plus Online Store


1.Selecting number of items for store.

Select Manage My Online Store at the top of the profile Editing page. Choose DO-Manttus Plus option. Follow directions to pay for those items. Upon receipt of payment a Manttus Team Member will contact you to assist you in setting up your new online store.  Expect 3-5 days for verification and activation



Searching for a Business, Product or Service.

Type in the business name, product, service or business category that you would like to find. Type in the ZIP Code you would like to search, a radius of miles to search in

and hit the






Help Using Our Site

 If you are having any problems that we don't have a solution for here Please contact us and we will get you some Help.

Browser Up Dates

 If you are having problems with the way the screens look on your site it is most likely that you are using an out-of-date browser. Here are a few links to install a current browser on your computer.

Internet Explorer :

FireFox                  :

Google Chrome  :


Filling out Profile Fields.

As you fill in the fields on the profile page you will see a Green ? to the right of the field that you are filling out.  Pass your Mouse over the ? and it will display information needed to fill the field out correctly.




Here is a sample of our Manttus Plus Store.

Manttus Plus Store.

Where the Manttus Logo is, is where your business logo will appear and your business name shows where the Manttus Plus is.

It is your online store and all income goes directlly to you and into your account. All you pay Manttus is the monthly Manttus Plus Store fee.





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