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Custom Homepage & Online Store with Manttus
Step 1 - Add Your Business - By adding your business, you will create an account. In this account you will be able to customize your homepage and purchase, create and manage your online store. You will also get a FREE Business Listing that will be added to the Manttus search engine.
Step 2 -Login to Your Account - Using your username and temporary password access your account.The first screen you will see is your account information. At this point you can change any contact information or change your password.
Step 3 -Customize Your Homepage. Once you log in to your account, Click on the Second Tab at the top titled My Business Profiles and click on your business name. You will open your Homepage Editor. This is the page where you will choose a web address and theme, customize your page with pictures, business logo, text, calendars and more.
If you have your own domain name that you would like to use, you can now forward it to your page.
Have Questions? Contact Us or Call 1-800-773-5115
The Team is always here to Help!
Step 4 -Purchase Online Store - In your Homepage Editor click on the Create/Manage Tab and Click on the Subscribe Button next to the store you would like to purchase. Upon purchase please expext 3-5 business days for storefront activation. You will receive a email notification when you can start adding items to your store.
Step 5 -Link Your Online Store to PayPal - In your Homepage Editor click on the Create/Manage Tab and click on the Set/Update PayPal Integration Link at the top of the page. Enter email associated with your Paypal Account.
Step 6 -Manage OnlineStore - In your Homepage Editor click on the Create/Manage Tab. From this page you are able to Add Items and Edit Existing Items in your store.
Get an Online Store for your Existing Website
You must complete the steps above to link an online store to your existing website. During Step 3 you must choose a FREE Web Address, but do not have to customize your homepage.
If you or your web designer need assistance in linking your online store to your current website please Contact Us or call 1-800-773-5115.
For just $29.99 we will customize your homepage, walk you through purchasing your shopping cart, set up your shopping cart and then teach you how to use your new site.
Step 1 - Contact Us or Call 1-800-773-5115
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Information to help your designer create the perfect homepage for your business.
Choose from our Themes.
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If you are not interested or do not have the time to manage your homepage and shopping cart please let your designer know and they will discuss a maintenance plan that will be best for you.